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Phone service Inactive.

The purpose of this post is to extend the information of the "temporary" suspension of telephone attention, since some users do not know it, just as we informed the first time due to force majeure circumstances.
Our network was the target of extortions led by New York gangs that are being investigated by the security forces of international computer crimes.

The daily telephone threats lasted 6 months, as a form of pressure and attrition, for 6 months in October of 2017, which is said soon.
Performing threats of DDoS attacks that were executed every night. These calls came from a company with different numbers every day.
It was put in the hands of the National Police and the FBI, because they were experts in this type of fraud, phishing, etc.

We decided to change the number, and restrict international calls, but also from Spain, remotely.

When asking a new company like Telefónica Movistar, we were surprised leaving the terminal unconfigured, due to their complexity they do not know how to configure it (Movistar Fusion - Digital switchboard)
Again another operator has to put the switchboard.

The Movistar Fusion digital switchboard for business never got to work properly with a speech and they do not have technicians who know how to configure them properly.

This prevents us from telephoning, and the need to set a number via VoiceIP.

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