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In recent years fraud and crime on the Internet has grown by 1000 per 100, this meant that companies were exposed to problems of all kinds of crimes affecting its continuity and stability. We have been activating protection modules after suffering users who abused our network to attack or infect other networks and commit crimes of theft and scams hiding in VPN connections.
Our reaction has been immediate in 2018 investing and supporting systems that struggle to control and minimize scams, attacks and crimes.

We have collaborated jointly with the department of computer crimes of the National and Local police and together with the body of computer crimes of the Civil Guard and the national police. After many years of ignorance of the activity of many fraudulent customers who masked their fraudulent activities, such as fishing scams etc, we have put a series of difficulties - barriers to prevent user registrations with activities, comparator modules and updated databases of geo localization, , fishing emails and fishing sites and domains,

Explanation and operation of the Module connected to

The fraud registers module uses its growing and updated database of fraudulent, abusive or unpleasant customers, formed by taxpaying companies to verify their new customers and new orders against fraud. The module gives us information about the score of the account in the FraudRecord database: a score greater than 0 means that the client was reported in the past. To match the client, the module can use even a single email address, IP number or client name.

With the fraud registration module, we can also check the fraud registration database to know the current score of users to verify if they were reported in the past; Now we can facilitate the police judicial requirements by showing reports and customer registration profiles and sending reports on crimes and user behavior.