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Own Tier II in Valencia

High quality best latency
Own data center Tier II in Valencia | High quality | BGP
3+ operators fiber | Best latency | In Spain
Customizable internal network
If you have multiple servers in colocation you can create a totally free internal network

Stulz Climate Equipment

Ensures optimum temperature and humidity in the cold corridors
Climate Stulz Equipment of High Efficiency & Precision.
Guaranteed at all times optimum temperature and humidity in the cold corridors.
APC Symmetra UPS systems scalable and expandable with hot failover system triple rush.
Genset and Fire Safety aspiration sensors with gas Novec in the cold corridors with maximum efficiency.

1000 Mbps Full-Duplex (Symmetric)

Same rate of rise and fall
Internet traffic 1000 Mbps Full-Duplex (Symmetric)
Traffic included in colocation it is symmetrical, so you get the same speed both upstream and downstream.

Rooms with 24x7 security

Maximum control of your Storage Server
All rooms have security personnel and surveillance cameras 24 hours a day.
monitored connectivity 24x7.
Our technicians constantly monitor the connectivity, humidity and temperature.
Reverse IPs customizable.
Modifies the reverse of your IPs when you need it from your Extranet Client.

CISCO CCNP engineers rating

CISCO network equipment.
Network equipment and network engineers heard over rated CISCO CCNP.
We work with network equipment quality to ensure the quality of our services.
Monitorable electricity consumption included.
Electricity consumption is included in all our colocation packages.

Double Rush Power

If your server has dual power supply you can use our redundant PDUs
Double electrical connection feed (A+B)
If your server has dual power supply you can use our redundant PDUs

Valencia Datacenter (Spain) Autonumous System 56934 ( RIPE LIR member )

SoloGigabit own Data Center at Plaza de Elche 14-15, P.I. Fuente del Jarro, Valencia.
Our data center is used for our Dedicated Servers, WISP Radio Links, Satelites / Antenas, Platforms, Cloud Computing, Big Data Platforms, Colocation / Racks and any further Internet platform.

Pasillo Frio B

Point to Point Circuit 10GE: Valencia, Telia Sonera.
 Point to Point Circuit 10GE: Valencia, Cogent Communications.
 Point to Point Circuit 10GE: Valencia, NTT Communications.
- NTT (AS2914) Fifth Global Operator with Peering with Telefonica - Movistar -Tuenti is now offering Selective Blackholing as standard included in all services and and optional Shield Anti DDoS protection (100€ per month per serve IP range) with all IP Transit Ports.
Using our BGP community strings you have the ability to drop or engineer traffic by country and/or region. Our BGP communities and more information about our routing policy can be found here (more comprehensive than our competitors):
About NTT BGP communities and routing policy
The free included protection "Selective Blackholing" explained here:
Short version: Selective BlackHoling
Long version: Selective BlackHoling
NTT currently provide DDoS protected IP Transit ports to some of the biggest AS Networks globally, protecting against Volumetric Attacks (TCP SYN, ICMP Flood, UDP Flood & Reflection Attacks), Application Layer Attacks (HTTP-GET, HTTP-POST, SSL), State Exhaustion Attacks, etc.
 Point to Point Radio Link WISP Circuit 10GE: Madrid, DE-CIX.
 Point to Point Circuit 10GE: Valencia, Colt

Monitoring Room1 Public Camera1 (East Zone).

Own dedicated Infrastructure, Room1 (PDF):
100% Cisco Redundant connectivity.
Telephone Assistence, E-Mail and SMS 24/7.
Multiple Redundant 10Gigabit connections.
Sologigabit chosen build its data center thus offer the most competitive prices.
CPD 24/7 support onsite.
Alternative energy supply redundant.
Alternative air conditioning systems redundant.
Immediate Hardware Replacement (Colocation included).
Team of Engineers with Cisco CCNP qualification.
Network sized to maintain 60% spare capacity permanently.
Port 1 Gigabit speed dedicated included in all services.
Autonumous System Number (ASN) 56934.
Our facilities are operative 24x7x365.

New Datacenter Infraestructure

Gigabit Speed

Image Gallery
Spanish Exchanges / Transit
Level 3
CW Cable and Wireless
BT European Backbone
Opentransit France Telecom - Orange Global IP Backbone
ESPANIX Neutral Interconect Exchange for Spain Punto Neutro de Interconexion en Espana
COLT Telecommunications
RedIRIS Autonomous System SPAIN
NTTC-GIN-AS NTT Communications Global IP Network
INTEROUTE Communications
EUSKALTEL Autonomous System Spain
COMUNITEL Global Autonomous System SPAIN
UNI2-AS Uni2 Autonomous System Spain
TeleCable Autonomous System TeleCable Asturias Spain
AUNA_Telecom-AS Cableuropa

International Exchanges

 SoloGigabit España (Point to Point Circuit 10GE : Plaza de Elche 14-15, P.I. Fuente del Jarro, Valencia,NTT Communications, 10GE).
 SoloGigabit España (Point to Point Circuit: Plaza de Elche 14-15, P.I. Fuente del Jarro, Valencia, Cogent Communications, 10GE).
 SoloGigabit España (Point to Point Cirucit: Plaza de Elche 14-15, P.I. Fuente del Jarro, Valencia, Telia Sonera, 10GE).
 SoloGigabit España (Point to Point Circuit WISP 10GE Radio: Plaza de Elche 14-15, P.I. Fuente del Jarro, Valencia, Hurricane Electric, 10GE).

Velocidad (Speed Test), AS 56934: 10Gigabits Uplink

Datacenter Plan
DataCenter Plaza de Elche 14-15, P.I. Fuente del Jarro