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Green Carrier Neutral Data Center  

SoloGigabit has built a new carrier-neutral data center located in Valencia City (Paterna, P.I. Fuente del Jarro), a leading strategic location for the best connectivity.

Incorporated in 2005, currently we are offering colocation for the lowest prices of Europe. SoloGigabit uses private suites on its own datacenter in Spain at Valencia City.

We have just certified support staff, the only one whom can access the suites and are available seven days a week.

Sologigabit is the sole ISP in Spain who offers Gigabit Internet connection in all its services. We use  networks's Telia Sonera 10GE, Cogent Communications 10GE, NTT Communications 10GE, Hurricane Electric 10GE Radio WISP Circuit (Tier IV with International & National Transit), test our multiple Multi-homed 10Gigabits network Ping test

Our Mission  

SoloGigabit is committed to providing high availability, mission critical hosting services within España and rest of the world. We are able to offer a range of services from single server to a private network and clustered failover solutions.

We are able to provide an excellent internet connection. You always have the shortest routes, very low ping times and the highest possible speed that provides our Autonomous System (AS) 56934.

At Sologigabit Dedicated Servers and Colocation are linked to Building System Management (BSM). IPMI (Intelligent Platform Manager Interface) with several types of reboots (electrical, macros, Hardware). Dedicated KVM -iKVM. as well as a power outlet Switched PDU and is Manageable. Your extranet includes re-installations of OSes Windows 2008-10-12, Vista, Windows7-8, Linux, FreeBSD, Proxmox, VMWare ESXi, Citrix . Hosting panels such as cPanel, Plesk, ISPconfig, OpenPanel, DirectAdmin, InterWorx, LAMP + FTP. As well as access to multiple Rescue Systems (hiren`s boot, sysrcd), 2 Gigabit Network Ports in Failover Mode (Failover), Redundant Power Supply with A + B feed.