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Added AbuseIO

Scheduled on 25/12/2018 14:12:00 Status In progress Estimated finish 25/12/2018 14:12:00

AbuseIO’s main features:
Receive (through a mailserver handler, e.g. Postfix) abuse messages and automatically parse them into abuse reports
Combine reports that already have an open case to reduce the amount of noise
Classify each type of abuse and create actions on specific cases
Create locally defined customers and/or netblocks or easily integrate your own IPAM system to resolve IP addresses to customers
Set automatic (re)notifications per case or customer
Set automatic escalation paths, triggers and actions
Allow customers to reply, close or add notes to cases, keeping them organized
Link customers to a self help portal in case they need more help
Works with IPv4 and IPv6 addresses
Hook events to external scripts, i.e. tooling that places hosts in quarantaine
Available parsers / collectors:
Any RFC compliant ARF formatted message
Any RFC compliant FBL Messages (Feedback Loop)
Any DNS based RBL
Shadowserver (
SpamCop (
IP Echelon (
fail2ban reporting service (
Junk Email Filter (
Google Safe Browsing reports for ASN’s (
Project Honey Pot (
Clean MX (
Cyscon / C-SIRT (
Netcraft (
SpamExperts (
Microsoft SNDS
Abuse-IX (
Woody (
Webiron (
Copyright Compliance
Cegtek (
Juno (
Parsers being developed:
Brute Force Blocker project
Open blacklist
CI Army (

Associated servers and services

IP white-list protection